Fashion Statements

(These were from Disneytrissy’s Blog, but she was my other penguin that is now banned) 

#1 To jazz up your outfit girls, wear some pearls to make it look snazzy

#2 Never wear all of the same color unless maybe if you are at a fashion show!

#3 Black shoes always match everything just be careful they go with the style of clothing you are wearing

#4 Be careful about how if you’re wearing a casual outfit than the shoes are “casual” or if you are wearing a “dressy” outfit, the shoes are “dressy”.

#5 Sweatshirts are always good for casual outfits.

#6 Right now Black sweat shirts are all the buzz go grab one and wear some funky hair with some pearls or another neck item and you will look like alot of the crowd

#7 Check out the Costumes catalog and buy some of those things you might not have noticed so look closely. Like I found some cool gold bracelets that I had no idea were there so I got ’em!

#8 Here are some colors that match well, don’t trust me? then look at a color wheel for yourself.





do you have any fashion tips that you want to have added to this list? Leave me a comment including your penguin name, and your tip and you might get it posted up here


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